About Denise Gabbard

I am here to help with all of your housing needs. Whether you need to buy or sell, I want you to think: Denise Gabbard!

Ready to buy a house? Check out my home search page and let’s go look at those you are interested in.

If you are working on selling by owner: I can offer lots of tips to make it successful. On the flip side, I am ready to step in and get it sold it fast!

If you’d like to buy a house but have been told your credit isn’t good enough — let me help! Having good credit will serve you well in so many ways. It really can change your life.

No matter what real estate assistance you need, I am happy to guide you. I can give you all the information and advice you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

A Little About Me

My professional background is diverse — I have experience in finance/credit/lending, recruiting, management, and marketing. All of these experiences have helped to make me a well-rounded professional ready to tackle any home buying or selling project.

Like many people here in Southwest Florida, I am an escaped Buckeye. I have lived in Florida for about five years now — and would have been here much sooner if my husband wasn’t so darned stubborn. Though Ohio is “home”, Florida is a much better place for us to live and I love it here! The sunshine and the warm weather all year round, and the history and abundance of things to do in this area make it a great place to be our adopted home.

And that ornery husband of mine — Mark and I were high school sweethearts and have been together forever. We have three grown children and a brood of amazing grandkids. They all live in Ohio and Tennessee; thank goodness for video calling.  You haven’t lived until the most adorable twin toddlers have called you to say “I wuv you”.

We also have two lovable furbabies, yellow Labrador retrievers Max and Ruby…and if we ever hit the lottery, we’ll likely have several more. We love dogs and animals of all kinds.

You can see from these photos that we really have been blessed with a big, happy family!